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Learning FPGA Design

A large number of resources exists for learning FPGA design.

Some of them have been collected and aggregated on this page.

An online class was held by, and is available freely:

Video format

  • Digi-Key Intro to FPGA Starts with defining FPGA and covers HDLs, programming flow etc. New to FPGAs? Start here!

  • SystemVerilog in 5 minutes Serie of concise and focused descriptions of the SystemVerilog language.

  • VLSI Chaps Discussion and explanation of ASICs, VLISI, but also SystemVerilog.

  • Digital to FPGA 101 design a circuit in digital convert into verilog and run it on an ice40 FPGA (like Upduino_v3.1).


General tutorials

Specific topic


  • VHDL Wiz Terminology Glossary of many concepts.

  • VHDL Wiz Terminology Glossary of many concepts.

  • Hamsterworks wiki Introduction to FPGAs focused on VHDL. The site is offline, but an archive of the content is still available.

  • VerilogGuide Wiki/Book for learning Verilog from the ground up. Uses Quartus and ModelSim-Altera Starter instead of the open source toolchain

  • Chipress Collection of explanations targetted at aspiring ASICs engineers. Many of the topics are related

  • ChipVerify Wiki covering much of Verilog and SystemVerilog syntax.

  • FPGA key Community focused on providing resources to learn FPGAs.


  • EDA playground Online IDE and simulator, quickest way to get started without a dev board.

  • Verilator Simulator for Verilog code. Convert the simulation to a C++ code library that exposes signals as C variables.

  • Icarus Verilog Simulator for Verilog code.

  • Digital digital logic circuit simulator based on logisim. Alternative:

  • HDL Bits Interactive (in browser) verilog syntax lessons. initially assumes no prior knowledge of HDLs but quickly ramps up difficulty


  • oss-tabby-cad A complete toolchain based on top of Yosys.

  • Yosys The central tool connecting the languages front-end and back-ends.

  • GHDL Simulator for VHDL code.

  • MixedSim Tool building on top of ngspice for simulating circuits.

  • verilog to routing Open-Source toolchain alternative to YoSys.

  • open FPGA Older toolchain for CPLD.

  • FASM Low-level format aiming to be a de-facto industry standard for FPGA toolchains.


Other lists

  • F4PGA Link list Another project aiming to collect links.

  • FPGA Design Elements coding style and notes about various building blocks/design principles. Fantastic list of resources/code examples etc

  • HDL Simulators Wikipedia list of simulators for HDLs.

  • sv-tests results Table summarizing support for all SystemVerilog (and Verilog) features support in various tool.. Useful to check compatibility of a toolchain



  • Build an FPGA from 7400 series ICs DIY FPGA competition submission and source.

  • Libre-SOC Open source high performance CPU/GPU/VPU on a chip. Focused on high performance open-sourced OpenPOWER architecture

  • F4PGA Umbrella project based on Yosys for synthesis of code toward an HDL.. Good place to first learn about toolchains, but some dead links

Research papers


  • NandGame Browser based puzzle game about logic gates. serves as litmus test to determine familiarity with digital logic. Good for visual learners