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Control the on-board RGB LED They are active-low and shared with the iCE40:

  • A LED will be bright if either the iCE40 or RP2040 are pulling its line low.
  • A LED will be dark if none of the iCE40 or RP2040 are pulling its line low.

A line pulled high does not give consitent result, they are controlled with high-impedance or pulled-down.


Initialise the GPIO pins for use with open-drain LED control, shared with the iCE40.

void ice_led_red(bool on)

void ice_led_green(bool on)

void ice_led_blue(bool on)

  • on - sets the LED bright if true, dark if false.

Control for the individual red, green, blue LED.


The GPIO LEDs do not turn on

Unlike the Raspberry Pi Pico board, which has a green LED attached to the GPIO pin 25, the pico-ice has three LEDs attached to the RP2040 GPIO13 (red), GPIO12 (green), GPIO15 (blue).

Moreover, the leds are “active-low”, so you would need to turn their pin down for them to be turned on.

Finally, the FPGA is also connected to these LEDs.