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Low-level API for interacting with the FPGA chip.

void ice_fpga_init(uint8_t freq_mhz)

  • freq_mhz - Exported clock frequency in MHz. Valid values: 48MHz, 24MHz, 16MHz 12MHz, 8MHz, 6MHz, 4MHz, 3MHz, 2MHz, 1MHz.

Let the FPGA start and export a clock for it over ICE_FPGA_CLOCK_PIN.

The RP2040 exports its own crystal-based clock to the iCE40, through the dedicated CLOCK GPOUT0 feature.

void ice_fpga_stop(void)

Set the ICE_FPGA_CRESET_B_PIN to LOW which keeps the FPGA in reset mode.

bool ice_fpga_start(void)

  • Return true on success and false if it timeouts.

Release the stop mode if it was present, and wait that the FPGA confirms its startup with ICE_FPGA_CDONE_PIN.